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they found a woman's body in the entrance. >> people say you knowb(da, it's -- i can't believe it's our street that. is how we're reacting. >> police say after they arrived they had to wait for animal control to take away two barking dogs. but then wait was roughly two hours after the hang up, neighbors say they saw the homeowners walking the dogs. >> i don't think i ever met them. just saw them walking the dogs back and forth that, is it. >> investigators began proces>vçw the crime scene looking for evidence as soon as obtaining a search warrant. they say proper procedure was followed in handling the hang up call but add, the department is short staffed. >> i think if we have more resources available we could have addressed this. yes. absolutely. >> we're not releasing the
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name of the couple who lives in this home behind me. police in the releasing the name of the victim or suspect information. detectives still processing evidence now. this is san jose's 41 homicide of the year, surpassing from all of last year. thank you. it's been a very wet, cold day. chilly weather brought snow in mount hamilton in the south bay. one inch of snow fell at the 4,000 foot elevation level. workers say this could lead to the closure of roads leading up to the summit. sñ 4mz spotted in lower ol pictures sent to you reports!$0 by a fewer, high sierra they saw real impact
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from the storm. a foot snafl of snow fell overnight this, is a look at highway 50 sanlda patel has a look at how long the weather might last. >> a little bit longer. it is happening. this is a time we take1uq+ bragging rights here, we call for the possibility and snow here in local peaks. we've gotten it. we have now just start to see showers developing around the area. this is very light returns here. and i'll show you what it looks like. it's been snowing in parts of the bay area. take a look here, i'm slowing it down. you can see mount hamilton area, pink indicating a mix of rain and snow. they've seen snow already down towards monterey bay, we're seeing snow.
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we have snow in mountains north of lake county. and this has been going on since last night. we'll keep it in the forecast heading into next couple as you look towards the coastddo the coastline this, not done with us yet. so hang onto the umbrellas. still could see thunder and hail and snow into the mountains. i'll let you know if this is going to end before plans begin in just a few minutes. >> thank you.0ñ0h2 >> washington buzzing over resignation of cia director david pet tray yuts. the retired four star general admitted he had an extramarital affair. the president saying petraeus made our country safer and stronger. word of the affair was greeted with skepticism believing he
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may have resigned over u.s. consulate raid in ben gazy. one military expert is not buying it. someone redesign because of an extramarital yaifr people expect it's a cover story. i think you see a man who felt >> reports say he was having an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. officials say detail are not being released but reports say agents had discovered broadwellufs improperly tried to access petraeus's e mail as he may have accessed classified information. abc news is going to have more on the story on world news right after this newscast. >> i jobs report tonight predicts technology will continue to fuel an employment boom in the bay area over next two years. saying job growth should
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expand through 2014, better than what is expected in california and nationally. most in demand are technology and health care. the report warns bay area could fall back into a recession if congress cannot agree on a spending plan by year's end. that is the subject of president barack obama's news conference saying he was willing to corps compromise but buzz says will not sign a budget that included only spending cuts. with the bitter election over, both sides seem ready, however to, find common ground. >> not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> i don't want to box myself in or anyone else in. i think that it's important to come to an agreement with the
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president. this is his opportunity to lead. >> president ob yumma scheduled to begin negotiations on a federal budget deal. the talk of taf f taxes was a bitter pill forg]!mp investors o swallow. stocks dove then recovered to finish flat today. dow jones gained four points. stock market lost 2% of the value this week. >> right now, in san jose, people still signing up for free holiday food from sake kret kred hard community service. 2000 families started lining up in the rain lastíxñ night. >> not too good. >> she is describing what holidayings would be like in her house. she is weight around the corner from the front door, halfway down the street. crystal spent the night in
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cold and rain to get a better spot. >> we've got a house full of people. eight people living in our house. so... we're crowded. money is tight they're long 4,000 people register for holiday food. >> this doesn't surprise us. it's scary to see people braving elements just to come out for the opportunity. >> the supervisor came out to see for himself. >> there is more people in need. there are 120,000 households. >> but there is also wealth. they're counting on the community to make food boxes >> so we have four turkeys and we need 4,000. >> they'll need more in december as well. >> we're giving a call to action. get involved. key is to donate do. a drive in your neighborhoods.
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do be able to participate. >> one day, maybe there will be fewer people in line. >> when kims are -- times are better we we don't have to. but now, it's a big blessing. a big help to come here. >> between naifg and kplas they need 7,000 boxes of food. thousands of toys, families can register for those today, too. >> sake kret heart community service going to hold a registration next friday trying to help 4,000 families so there is a need for help. you can log on to our web site for more information. >> jobs were the center piece of the president's election that we just finished tonight 2020 zreeting an hour showing us how to survive the
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corporate youngel. >> one of the worst ones is a woman who donated a kidney to her boss and then, was fired by that company. a while later. because while she and her boss were recuperating she was getting e mails from the boss saying when are you going get back to work. >> can you believe that? this program will take a look at rules of office romance. you can watch tonight at 10:00 right here on abc 7. >> new information coming uping out about children with adhd. today, researchers talking about why adolescent girls are more prone to injure them selfs and attempt suicide. >> that is children and adult conference known as chad. to begin with, adolescent
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girls are vulnerable at that age. when you addqbñé÷ ahdd girls fid things more challenging and that is when self esteem may suffer. throughout the years these three researchers have followed boys and girls with adhd. the most-recent study shows girls are often diagnosed later than boys and have higher rates of self injury and attempts of suicide in teen-aged years.. >> depression, cutting. low self image. we think adhd plus this combination. >> he says those with adhd may be doing poor fully school may have a harder time coping.
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he cautions the stud eye has never been done on girls ochblt but russell barkley has done a similar study on boys with adhd. following from 70s to 80s. >> treatment that does not continue across those years has no affect whatever on altering live course of the individuals. >> lilly continued to monster them for 15 skbreers says parents need to understand medication alen won't help kids with adhd. >> be that social skills, educational schools, tutoring for things. so that once you do that, you begin to see gains.. >> another important issue was substance abuse.
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several reports found that those adhd teens and young adults on medicationscx-m were less likely to abuse drugs ort1? alcohol. of course there more information on our web site abc 7 thank you. >> coming up, physician run clinic providing health care for uninsured as a big reason to celebrate today. >> in six flags some special people go swimming with the dolphins.. >> swimmers praying this is the year they hang
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a san francisco clinic celebrated a big anniversary today bifing a -- by giving away flu sho.s dozens of people filed into the clinic by the bay to get a free vaccine. when it opened it was the first of its kind in northern california now, there are a thousand patients and is run by volunteer doctors and nurses. >> taking care of the working and uninsured. we call culture of caring. taking care of the whole person. >> the clinic provides care and does so without any government funding. it serves primarily low income family was out insurance. >> bay area'8"zñ combat veterans had a unique opportunity airk chance to swim with the dolphins, it's part of a larger program to help them
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transition back into civilian live. it's a smile that doesn't come easily since he served in army infantry in iraq. here, he and nine fellow veterans have a rare opportunity to swim with the dolphins. >> i didn't want to come. i wanted to ice yol yait today. getting out here today, doing this, it's amazing. joyful day. >> these men under treatment program called pathway home at the veteran's hospital. they have either post traumaticjcp stress disorder. >> there is a cloud of hopelessness. that has to do with the fact they don't know how to
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depress. >> the goal of the program is simple. help the guys let go of anxieties and learn how to relax again. >> learning how to relax in a positive way and to know life is not all bad. >> bringing the vets here was muriel snyder's idea she happened to swim with dolphins for her 90th birthday. >> these fell yaz need this. they need get away from their horrible dreams and experiences and i get emotional. this>,hd is about creating new memories to replace terrible images they're working hard to forget. >> i'm never going to forget
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>> wow. time to tax the surf board, mavericks window is now open. sky 7 on the scene. servers paddled out to form a prayer circle. every year the mavericks brings in surfers from around the world. >> we're looking for waves at 30-50 feet. these guys are ready. >> servers will be given a 48 hour notice to come, ride the waves when conditions are just right. it could be from next week untilwgnmv end of march. the actual contest has not been held since 2010. >> they are great. >> thank you. >> i hope they get to do this. >> that is right. >> a lot of weather going on
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here. >> absolutely. we're going to deal with near freezing conditions tomorrow.ñu so let's show you now, live pictures. from our south beach camera, beautiful view of clouds as we look towards twin peaks. still have showers going and i'll show were you in just a moment. six to 12 inch at some of the resorts. up to a foot and a half and chains required now on state route 8 1k38 four. unbelievable. here showers still developing. it's cold, unstable air continuing to move n you'll notice there are showers along the santa cruz county coastlines now. mount hamilton picking up an
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inch of snow reported. they can be seeing more so just be aware of that. hollister seeing rainfall. this is how it's going to be. moisture coming in. best chance along coastline. but we still have more to deal with up to north. not quite as strong as what we saw this morning. into sierra nevada snow winding down right now. this is someone's backyard. waits hailing this morning. some of you kind enough to send pictures. we expected hail and snow on john sent this to you report. this is aqú observatory, it will be closed as long as there is
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snow there. so don't try to check it out. temperatures in the 50s and will be falling. possible thunder and snow. near reezing conditions expected saturday and sunday morning so here is a chill. 31 in santa rosa. 32 degrees in napa. mid 30s this morning. bundle up, low 40s around the coast and bay. early morning showers expected then, rest of the weekend looking just fine. here is a low continuing to bring in unstable air. here is your animation. showers coming in. you notice they're along the coastline here, they will just pivot here early morning hours, still//%r seeing wet pavement ot
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there. sierra nevada still have a winter weather advisory. three inches of snow expected with the blowing snow and gusty winds. saturday 50s to low 60s. by afternoon, monterey bay, temperatures remaining well below average again. it will be dry for afternoon. cold mornings this weekend. veteran's day festivities are dry. so changes in the forecast. >> yes. >> thank you. >> all right. just ahead dinner is on.
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might have just what you're looking for. how about comfort food? >> i think so. we're going to feed you here. let's start out with soul food. interesting soul food. here is another one.
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this is nonwrap right there. this is part of the adf family of foods. one free indian wrap or a naan flat bred. you can choose and z.they're a $3 value. >> why would you do that? >> that would be foolish. >> oakland nature filled pasta. this is found at safeway. so you're going to get 100% natural. all you do is boil water,yub n dump it in. you've got a great meal. >> how to get this. >> and we'll show you right there. you can log on as long as you're there go to michael finney's consumer blog. >> and we'll be back in a
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moment with a breaking news update
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investigators just
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identified one of the residents of a house along with his wife bu. police have not>r identified the victim yesterday. >> police say they don't nowhere he is. officers discovered a woman's body inside of the house after someone called 911 about 7:30 someone called 911 about 7:3jzpf th
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